Trending 2020 Tik Tok Challenges


Whether you’re the #1 Tik Tok star, Charli D’Amelio, or just a lurker watching from afar these are the top 2020 Tik Tok Challenges

TIK TOK Level-Up Challenge

TIK TOK Level-Up Challenge

Grab your toilet paper and get to stacking. For this challenge, people are to build a wall out of any material and jump over it. Majority of the time, people film their dogs competing in this challenge; however, plenty of others choose to do the jumping themselves. With each successful jump, you are to “level-up” by building another layer to your wall — increasing the difficulty of the task. Test out the agility of both your pets and yourself as Ciara serenades you.

TIK TOK Blinding Lights Challenge

TIK TOK Blinding Lights Challenge

Crank up The Weeknd and get ready to put your moves to the test with this challenge. Participants are to learn a choreographed dance to the song “Blinding Lights” and perform it wherever they see fit. This challenge has raked up a great deal of attention from families, roommates, and celebrities such as Jessica Alba.

TIK TOK Wipe It Down Challenge

Wipe It Down Challenge

Looking for an excuse to change out of your pajamas? This challenge is it. Simply record yourself looking into the mirror in your normal, at-home attire. Then, take a cloth and some spray and clean that mirror. Not only are you now cleaning your house, but you’re also creating a smooth transition. Change into a nicer outfit and touch up your appearance before cutting to a new video of you in front of the freshly-wiped mirror.

TIK TOK Flip the Switch Challenge

Flip the Switch Challenge

This is hands down one of the most popular challenges on TikTok. It’s fun to do with a sibling, significant other, or just about anyone. Stand in front of a mirror alongside your partner and record yourself flipping the light switch off. When the lights turn back on, you and your partner will have swapped both places and outfits.

TIK TOK Plank Challenge

Plank Challenge

If you have yet to get in your daily workout as of yet, this challenge may just serve as a viable alternative. There are a few variations of this challenge that exist so you can choose one that best suits you. One option is to do a solo up-and-down plank challenge in sync with the song. If you’re with a partner however, there is slightly different version that involves working with the person beside you.

TIK TOK Stand-Up Challenge

Stand-Up Challenge

Unfortunately, this one is not any easier as it requires both strength and balance. The stronger participant will begin by laying on the ground and will gradually rise into the air in sync with the song. With each movement upward, their partner will be hopping up with them. If all works out, the duo will finish standing completely vertical, one on top of the other’s shoulders.

TIK TOK Flour Challenge

Flour Challenge

Sometimes tensions can arise when trapped indoors with your family for a prolonged period of time. Thankfully, this challenge can help let out some of that pent up steam. Two of the participants will stand or sit in front of exposed bags of flour. Behind them will stand a parent, sibling, or roommate who will push one of the two participant’s faces into the bags of flour as an answer to various questions presented in the audio. Messy but rewarding.

TIK TOK Couples Challenge

Couples Challenge

Similar to the flour challenge, this one incorporates an audio file that asks a series of questions. However, for this challenge the questions will all be regarding the couple’s history. The couple will record themselves with their eyes closed, pointing at whomever they believe fits the question. Uncover the truth as to who thinks they’re superior in the relationship in various aspects.